• December 4, 2023
Foods to eat and avoid with antibiotics

Foods to eat and avoid with antibiotics 

Your doctor always gives you antibiotics for any disease, but it won’t change the condition. Are you consuming antibiotics? Or again, the culprit is bacterial infection? Well, bacterial infections are rapidly spreading in the community.

Do you know what is happening?       

Sometimes you have antibiotics, but it won’t affect your body, and the infection remains the same and disturbs you. At this stage, you run off to your doctor, and they prescribe you to buy amoxicillin 500mg. It is a common antibiotic that helps you overcome any bacterial infection.

You would eat this medicine, but it doesn’t have the results. You are wondering and stressing a lot about what is happening and how this will stop. So here is the solution to all your problems.

Are you considering your diet while taking this medication?

Well, primarily, patients say no, which means you are not focusing on your diet. It is the primary energy source, and you are neglecting this factor. Sometimes some significant kinds of food inhibit the effect of medicine, and your disease is getting worse.

Some food interacts with medicine and stops their working so, if you have some antibiotic like amoxicillin, you should also learn about their food interaction. But don’t worry, here you will have some knowledge about how to increase and inhibit the effect of medication through specific food. So let’s get started.

Foods to eat

Here is something unique coming your way. Now you can eat some specific food and increase the effectiveness of any drug. If you eat them, you can quickly help reduce the side effects of the antibiotics. Antibiotics’ working mechanism can be enhanced by eating blow mentioned food.


Prebiotics are the main component for healthy bacteria, and good bacteria are helpful for the building blocks. When you ingest them, they even support the friendly bacteria to grow, and it helps to promote even more bacteria. Prebiotics like yogurt and even fortified cereals are examples of Prebiotics. So, bifidobacterium can stimulate gut hormones to produce other bacteria as well.


Different supplements are a good source of Probiotics. They work like the same Probiotics and even feed the good bacteria to grow. Even they flourish the bacteria to protect us from foreign particles. They enhance the mechanism of action of antibiotics. Antibiotics’ effectiveness gets doubled if you are consuming Probiotics from your food.

Yogurt and milk

These are some sources of Probiotics and Prebiotics. They both can increase the production and presence of lactobacilli bacteria. These types of bacteria are found in the human body’s intestines and are essential for digestion.  

Antibiotics are the primary source for your infection to be sorted and cured in the fastest way. Not only does it helps indigestion, but it also overflows the harmful bacteria at the same time. The components present in milk and yogurt can enhance the production of lactobacilli bacteria. If you eat more yogurts in the morning, then it will promote the activity of antibiotics.

Kimchi and soy products

Kimchi and fermented soy products are always the best choice full of Probiotics and Prebiotics. These products are also rich in bifidobacteria, which is essential for digestion. Digesting the antibiotics and increasing the production of these bacteria is necessary.

Food high in vitamin K

If you eat food rich in vitamin K, then the working antibiotic interacts with vitamin K, and the deficiency of vitamin K also contributes to bacteria imbalances. Sources of vitamin K are green leafy vegetables likes’ cauliflower, liver, and eggs are a good source. They will help blood flow. Eating more vegetables means having more vitamin K for antibiotics.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has fatty acid triglyceride that helps stop a yeast infection in females. It is best for vitamin E that allows them to grow strongly. It is an effective way to reduce disease. It is also beneficial for eating and lets you reduce the amount of cholesterol.

Food to avoid

Foods that can quickly react with antibiotics can cause severe conditions. It can lead your chronic conditions and are preventable. These foods interact with them and stop the absorption of antibiotics. They inhibit their working. So let’s discuss them below.


Grapefruits are not a good combination with amoxicillin. Not only does the fruit separate it, but its juice is also not suitable for the body because it contains citrus products. The components present in the body react with the compounds present in the antibiotics to stop the absorption. And when the absorption of the antibiotics is blocked, no treatment occurs in this condition. So try to avoid this fruit and let your body get what is needed. Be careful of your diet while consuming amoxicillin tablets. Don’t mistakenly eat the grapefruit and disturb the absorption cycle.


Alcohol and antibiotics? What? Are you serious? These are the worst combination ever for our body because it leads to side effects common in patients who consume antibiotics and alcohol at the same time. The products include increased nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness, and heart rate issues. So avoid alcohol because this is a risky job to have.


Fermented dairy products are much better than our best for absorption, but after the intake of excessive calcium in your body, it will stop the absorption in the body. Try to use less calcium until you are done with the course of antibiotics.

Sugar and yeast

Yeast and sugar is the source that can harm yeast infection, which is common in more female. The Candida yeast is the primary culprit here, which damages you significantly. Females have more chances to get infected by this infection. So avoid eating sugar and yeast if you are on antibiotics.


Diet is a first and significant source of energy. So it would help if you had to care about the diet. It will help your body to fight different substances. Eat plenty of the food mentioned above that enhance the activity of antibodies. Any infection can be treated with antibiotics so, prevent those foods that can reduce the absorption.

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