• December 4, 2023
John Travolta’s House In Florida Is Also A Private Airport

John Travolta’s House In Florida Is Also A Private Airport

Get ready to be blown away as we take a sneak peek into one of the most fascinating homes in Florida. Not only is it the residence of Hollywood icon John Travolta, but it also doubles up as a fully functional private airport! Yes, you read that right – this luxurious property boasts its very own runway and aviation-themed decor. Buckle up and join us on this thrilling ride as we explore every nook and cranny of John Travolta’s extraordinary house in Florida.

John Travolta’s House In Florida Is Also A Private Airport

John Travolta’s home in Florida is also a private airport. The actor bought the property in 2007 for $13 million and has since spent $20 million on renovations. The airport has four runways and can accommodate up to 12 planes.

Travolta has been known to fly into his private airport for work and personal trips. In February, he flew into the airport to attend the Academy Awards with his wife Kelly Preston. He has also flown in for business meetings and movie shootings.

The actor previously owned a home in Connecticut, but decided to sell it in 2006 after purchasing the Florida property. The Connecticut home was not used as an airport and had no aircraft facilities.

How John Travolta Uses His Property to Run an Air Traffic Control Center

John Travolta’s home in Florida is also a private airport. With an air traffic control tower and a runway on the property, Travolta uses it to run his own business. He even has his own personalized certificate of authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airport is used mainly for movie shoots and private flights, but regular people are also allowed to use it under certain circumstances.

In the movie “The Taking of Pelham One Two Three,” John Travolta stars as NYPD Lt. John Gotti, who is captured by the FBI and placed in a maximum security prison. To make sure he doesn’t escape, the FBI sets up a mini-airport in Gotti’s prison cell, complete with controllers and aircraft.

Travolta’s house in Florida is also an private airport. Travolta uses it to run an air traffic control center for his own planes. The airport has two runways, one of which is 5,000 feet long and the other is 3,000 feet long. It also has a helipad and a hangar.

Travolta owns several planes at his airport, including a Boeing 707 and a McDonnell Douglas DC-9. He often uses them to travel around the country for filming purposes.

What Kind of Planes Can Land on Travolta’s Property

Travolta’s Florida home also serves as a private airport, and the actor has a few planes that he can land on his property. His Boeing 707 was recently shipped to the airport so that he can use it for private flights. The aircraft is registered in the name of Travolta’s production company, Interscope.

John Travolta’s House In Florida Is Also A Private Airport

The sprawling property that actor John Travolta calls home in Florida includes not one, but two airstrips – reportedly allowing the star to fly his own planes on the property.

Travolta’s 175-acre compound, which is also home to a basketball court, pool, tennis court and horses, sits on a private island off the coast of Palm Beach County and boasts breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.

According to local reports, Travolta has installed several airplane hangars on his property and flies himself and his friends around in custom-made jets. In addition to commercial flights, he is also known to use the airstrips for personal flights including aerial photography sessions.

How Much It Costs to Use Travolta’s Airport

John Travolta’s home in Florida is also a private airport. The actor has spent over $10 million to build the 5,000-square-foot home on an 18-acre lot near Vero Beach. Travolta has two runways and a helipad on his property. He also has rooms for up to 12 planes.

The actor used the home to film “Swordfish” and “Take Me Home Tonight.” Travolta also uses the airport to fly in horses for his racing stable.

It is no secret that John Travolta has a ton of property in Florida. In fact, his home there is also an airport! The airport is called Travolta Airport, and it can only be accessed by private planes. So how much does it cost to use the airport?

According to CNN Money, it costs $600 per hour to use the airport. That means it would cost you $24,000 to use the airport for an entire day! It’s not cheap, but if you’re John Travolta then clearly it’s worth it!


John Travolta’s house in Florida is also a private airport. The home was once used by the actor as a getaway for filming purposes, but it now functions primarily as a residence for Travolta and his family. With 20,000 square feet of living space on over two acres of land, the estate is said to be one of the most lavish homes in America.

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