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What are Orbeez?

A small, soft bead called Orbeez grows in size when placed in water. These cushions made of superabsorbent polymers having ability to absorb and hold a lot of liquid. As a result, they feel squishy to the touch and very soft. Its smooth and squishy texture makes Orbeez an ideal stress relief, fidget, and tactile toy. Children can explore different textures and shapes of the beads by using them in sensory bins and other play activities. Orbeez product comes in a packet called a rainbow seed bag containing about 75,000 seeds in various colors and sizes.

Technical details;

Orbeez with a more scientific bent, are a collection of molecules developing into one another when water is locked in the spaces surrounding them. They’re polymeric materials with ability to soak water and swell by a factor of more than 150, basically small water beads of various colors. Despite their marble appearance, several users reported a texture more akin to eyes or peeled grapes when handling them. Orbeez are great for kids’ activities and DIY projects alike because of their resistance and flexibility.

Are Orbeez biodegradable?

Orbeez are completely biodegradable and safe to use with no harmful chemicals in them being non-toxic. Highly recommendable to use due to being sustainable and cannot harm your kids if they play with orbeez. On one hand, superabsorbent polymers are made from synthetic materials such as acrylate and acrylamide, which are not naturally occurring and do not degrade readily. This means that when discarded, they can persist in the environment for a long time period.

How long does Orbeez take to grow?

Orbeez starts out as small, hard beads that are placed in water. As they absorb water, they will begin to grow and expand in size. It typically takes about 8-12 hours for Orbeez to fully expand to their maximum size, which is usually around 100 to 150 times their original size. However, the exact amount of time it takes for Orbeez to grow will depend on the size and type of the beads, as well as the temperature and humidity of the environment.

Size of orbeez;

Size of each orbeez grows around 0.5 inches or 1.3 cm when soaked in cold water, they also can grow between 4-7 days and they can reach a total size of 20 inches or 50cm. Doesn’t that sound impressive? Kids just love water beads and cannot get enough of them. They are created by a lot of different companies and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

How do you activate water beads?

Activating water beads is a simple process that involves soaking the beads in water for a period of time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate water beads:

  • Begin by placing the water beads in a bowl or container that is large enough to hold them as they grow.
  • Next, fill the bowl or container with clean water. The amount of water you will need will depend on the size of the beads and the size of the container. As a general rule, you should use enough water to fully cover the beads and allow them to move freely as they expand.
  • Allow the beads to soak in the water for 8-12 hours. The exact amount of time it takes for the beads to fully expand will depend on the size and type of the beads, as well as the temperature and humidity of the environment.
  • After the beads have finished soaking, drain any excess water from the container. At this point, the beads should be fully expanded and ready to use.
  • To use the water beads, you can simply play with them with your hands or add them to a sensory bin or other containers. You can also use them in craft projects or as a fun and tactile addition to bath time.

Overall, activating water beads is a simple process that involves soaking the beads in water for 8-12 hours until they fully expand. Once the beads are fully expanded, they can be used in a variety of ways for play and creativity.

How long does Orbeez last?

If water beads are left uncovered in the sun or in an open container they will dry out. If left in direct sunlight, they can dry out within a day. Keeping them out of the sun and in a closed container can extend their shelf life. If your water beads have dried out then simply place them in a water bowl to regrow them.

Why are orbeez created?

They were originally invented to keep moisture in the soil for plants. The plant roots may take the water out of beads as soon as the soil gets dry and then beads absorb more water again once they are watered. So, the plants always a perfect level of dampness due to water beads.

Orbeez gun;

It is known as the Orbeez challenge, where the popular gel beads are frozen and loaded into a toy gun, then shot at people while driving around. They are not messy or heavy and are easy to pick up. These are launcher toys that can fragile water beads as projectiles and can last up to 6 months, or even more. The Bead Blasters shoot gel water beads propelled by a spring-loaded air pump, making them air rifles. These guns shoot water beads as far as 32 feet and also can injure people if fired at high speed or if they hit a vulnerable spot like the eyes, according to authorities.

How much does orbeez-gun cost?

Each set comes at $59.99. You will not only get one orbeez gun but also a pack of 5,000 water beads as ammo and a safe pair of goggles to protect your eyes.

Rainbow water beads;

The beads are made from polyacrylamide allowing them to absorb, store, and release water to keep moist plants and flowers. This same compound is also used to control soil erosion, retain moisture in landscaping installations and produce diapers.

What are orbeez balls?

Water beads are squishy little balls coming in a variety of colors and sizes. They can be used for crafts and arts or even put into a water bead gun to shoot at your friends. Like an Orbeez Snake! water beads are silly and create Orbeez-inspired works of art, or play catch with them with the Orbeez Water Battle Game. If the water is pure, the water beads will grow larger. The scientific explanation behind this magic is that Orbeez is super absorbent polymer beads made of acrylic acid, sodium hydroxide, and water, to which color pigmentation is added giving more varieties of nuances. It is the water molecules making them grow.

Purpose of water beads;

Orbeez can be used as an educational tool and a form of entertainment for young children and children living with autism. At the younger end of the spectrum, these beads can further develop sensory skills and hand-eye coordination.

What do kids do with water beads?

Kids like to play with them. You can place funnels, cups, and scoops, in containers for them to explore with water beads. The easiest way to play with water beads is to place them in a large container and let your little water beads for some super fun messy sensory play.

Is eating orbeez harmful?

Our data and empirical evidence prove conclusively that water beads are not dangerous if swallowed. They pass through the digestive tract and are eliminated naturally without causing harm. They are non-toxic and do not bind together or break down in the digestive process. 

What colors are orbeez?

Choose from yellow, red, or blue coloring, or try out the color mixing trend you have seen online. Combine two colors to make purple, green, or orange Orbeez! Shake the tube, wait 30 minutes, and watch as your water beads magically change from clear to colorful! It is so much fun. The water beads multi-pack come with 2,000 juicy grown Orbeez in five sensational colors: purple, green, red, yellow, and blue.

How large can water beads grow?

Most water beads inflate to around 9-12 mm each. These water beads are fairly small—not quite the size of a marble. Other water beads inflate to be much larger, possibly about 2 inches in diameter. Most purchasing options only include water beads of the same size, but some choices offer a variety of different-sized water beads.

How many Water beads, do you need to buy?

Water beads often sold in higher quantities, sometimes as many as 50,000 water beads in each orbeez package. Bigger water beads may only be available in counts of 300 or so. Keep in mind that you do not need to inflate all of your water beads at the same time, you can inflate some and store the rest. Some water beads even come in tubs or bags that may be resealable to keep your beads safely and effectively stored.

Which water beads, do you want to buy?

You will likely want to have a good idea that how you plan to use them. Are these going for children to play with them? If so, you probably want the water beads to offer the highest level of durability for long-term play. Water beads can occasionally break, but some offer more strength and break less often than others. If you are planning to display your water beads in a vase, table setting, or self-setting, durability is probably less important for you that how the water beads look. In this case, you may be more concerned about the brightness of colors provided by orbeez.

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